Master Plan
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Waterloo - Seneca Falls Map
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The trail continues on the railroad corridor between River Road and the Canal to the north and enters the Town of Seneca Falls. Construction of the Water Falls Bridge encroached on the railroad corridor. The proposed trail will pass under the Water Falls Bridge and be terraced into the road shoulders east and west of the bridge (Figure 18). East of the bridge the trail returns to the NYSEG-owned railroad corridor located between River Road and the Canal. As the trail apporaches the intersection of River and Kingdom Roads, it will shift into the north shoulder of River Road to avoid a small complex of industrial buildings adjacent to the roadway (Figure 19). The drainage ditch in the 15-foot shoulder will have to be piped and a guide rail constructed between the trail and River Road. East of the Kingdom Road intersection, the trail will again return to the railroad right-of-way between the canal and the Elks property (Figure 20).